Financial Activities & International Projects

Foundation Financial Activity

Since 2002, the Foundation has been relying on its own international financial experts team, in the United States, China, China Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, France, Spain, Greece, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and so on more than a dozen countries and the region, has carried out extensive work in the field of financial advisers, the main contents of which include;

1. Beginning in 2001, it pioneered the introduction of the nature, procedures, methods and practices of financial derivatives transactions in the international field, and played an active role in the financial enlightenment and development of China and Southeast Asia at that time.

2. To work closely with the government departments and relevant units and individuals of East Asia and Southeast Asia, and to carry out substantive work actively, to develop the history of sovereign bonds, bank bonds, certification and payment work. By the relevant departments of the country's attention and praise. Relevant departments have invited the experts of the Foundation to participate in the consultation and operation of various countries, and have played a key role in the real implementation of the settlement and settlement work.

3. With a prudent and serious attitude, to carry out the history of Chinese assets and funds of the screening, certification work. In a large number of untrue, counterfeit and cohabitation organizations, individuals in the needle in a haystack, the Foundation made long-term, persistent work and eventually found a very rare number of very valuable hands holding huge amounts of money and assets for individuals Departments to eventually implement and develop these precious funds and assets, provides a useful help.

4. Take advantage of the special relationship with the world's top 20 banks including HSBC, Standard Chartered, England, UBS, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank, the French Industrial Bank, the Spanish Bank and the International Financial Organization, including the world's largest Rothschild and Zamde Financial Group, and SWIFT ( Society for Worldwide International Financial Telecommunication)to help carry out the SWIFT-199, SWIFT-799 and SWIFT-760 bank certification work, in order to successfully carry out international financial transactions, opened up a smooth way.

5. The use of high-end international financial channels, for international enterprises to issue international financial bonds, standby letters of credit, broaden the international business financing channels, access to international companies highly praised.

6. The use of international financial channels for international development projects, to fight for the full amount of credit to ensure the smooth and sustainable development of international development projects, play a role in fueling.

7. To assist international trade groups in issuing various types of letters of credit, to contact international guarantees and counter-guarantee organizations, and to create positive conditions for the promotion of international trade services.

8. Maintaining high-level contacts, communication and long-term contacts with the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations and many national dignitaries and retired politicians, and make positive contributions to the promotion of human progress in order to promote international economic development.

Euro-Asian Great Pathway Project

“Asia-European Pathway Project” and “Euro-Asian Pathway Project” in Paris area and Southeastern in China

1Objectives and Key Points

1) In the heart of Europe, create an advanced post of Asian’s now highly developed economy

2) Facilitate exchanges between Asian and European high Tech companies, as well as help the relationship between small and medium size enterprises of the two distant economic giants.

3) Within a “ two way traffic system”, generate at a lower cost, a host of cooperation and partnership opportunities

4) within less than 1.5 hours of flight of any of the major European economic centers, in most cases no more than 2 to 4 hours with the very high speed(TGV) trains, to create a site of reception, transit, commercial and of exchange.

5) In the strategic center of world No 1 Economy, over 31 hectares, within the world scale Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle(CDG) international airport complex, at the crossroad of high speed trains and express highways, we are providing a comprehensive combination of :

Permanent exhibitions,

Commercial activities;


Convention and training centers

Hotel complex;

High technology and research units.

6) Also Set up  a areas in Asia-European Center in China. All projects are same above projects in Europe.

In a spirit of economic exchanges between Europe and Asia .

2Asian Economic window, in the geographic center of the world No 1 Economy.    The richest and most powerful economic region in Europe.

In the heart of an European market of 500 million consumers

360 million inhabitants in a radius of 1200 km

One of the world major concentration of high Tech and Services companies

One of the world mjor concentrations of researchers and universities

The first tourist and convention destination of the world


170 500 sqm built up gross floor area.

Purpose ; Technology, Industrial and Economic window in Europe of  Asian and pole of transit of Chinese tourism.

Main and associated activities:

A.Show-rooms-Industry potential

B.Show-room-high Technology

C.Permanent Exhibition:

D.Large Asian-Europe business entry point

E.The Asian tourism entry point in Europe

F.Wholesales shopping Center

G.Office & Business Center

H.Research and Training activities

I.Large Asian-Europe Business center point

J.Tax Free Shopping Center

K.Office & Business Center

L.Research and Training Activities

M.High Tech and Design Center

N.Transit center: re-forwarding and warehousing

100/350-room hotel specialized for Asian and Europe

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