International Development Foundation USA (IDF) registered organization in New York State in US in 2003.  The foundation’s mission is to encourage, promote and support social and economic specially focus on causes around the world.  Our goals are accomplished through creating employment, providing education and vocational opportunities, supporting local communities and organization, preserving local cultures, promoting the arts, sponsoring medical and scientific research, and founding environmental projects.  Through these causes, IDF is contributing to a safer, healthier, and better world community.

Together with the help and cooperation of local citizens, organizations, governments, and organizations around the world, our work is global and without borders.

In recent years, the foundation have been focusing on Hot Spring Resort and Home for Elderly, long live research and Anti-Aging programs. In order to commence the projects better, we reregistered a new not-profit organization approved by IRS in 2016 as American International Development Foundation Inc. Both of the foundation want to promote Hot Spring Resorts and Nurse Home projects and other social work.

We believe, our mission contribute to promote and develop all global people’ health and social life level.

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