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The construction Plan For Loving Evening Center and The Foundation About New York Long Island American International Health and Wellness Center

In addition to the construction of the Hot Springs International Health and Wellness Center in California States in the western United States, we are commencing in the construction of the New York Long Island Long Island area for Loving Late Center and the American Foundation International Health and Recuperation Center (attached to the Florida Winter Center), This is very important.

1Construction of New York to Develop Health Care Base of the Important Significance

First, New York is the center of the world, and the global heart, the population more than 100 countries around the world are living in New York. New York is the cultural, economic and financial center of the United States, is also the famous medical university, medical center, pension rehabilitation center of the most concentrated place, and can radiation to Boston, New Jersey, Maryland and other world famous medical pension center. Long Island belongs to the Greater New York area, in Long Island to build health care center, you can directly experience the experience of the US health pension, and promote the development of their own pension health.

Second. The construction of the United States Long Island health pension center and the center of California forms a horns.

The United States and the world's elite and ordinary people, short-term food and shelter here, living here, enjoy the United States fresh air and the top Western recuperation, the United States and combination between the United States, And the treatment of medicine, and the ancient Chinese medicine health and Western medicine for together. This  will enjoy the best service for the elderly, for their longevity live to create the best conditions.

Here, we need to introduce the American Western medicine and its relationship with the construction of the US long island construction and development center.

First of all Western medicine, USA is locating number one in the Western countries. Every year from the United States, physiotherapy of new drugs, new technologies, new medical release method is numerous, the United States each year to promote the use of new European medicine technology is one of the world's largest countries.

However, the strict US and Western pharmaceutical export system makes the world's most cutting-edge, the highest quality medical technology and drugs cannot be imported in China and most of the country in time, making the annual delay in treatment, or delay treatment, save treatment cases innumerable.

On the other hand, the West and the United States and Canada have stressed that no medical treatment, cannot prescribe. If you have a prescription in person, it violates the state's treatment laws and the doctor has the risk of revoking the license. At present, our Virginia team of medical workers, is the design of remote treatment network, with remote areas, to provide detection and data, and then through the video method, online treatment, to reach the door cannot enjoy the wise doctor the goal of. However, the status quo of the US health care system is that the majority of doctors are saturated, are not willing to receive more customers, the lack of well-known doctors support, this innovative medical approach is difficult, with the medical insurance system and prescribe Rules of the restrictions, so the difficulty of remote treatment can be imagined, not to mention, cross-international long-range treatment, so that the Internet and Internet of things to the United States advanced technology and drugs in time into China, it is difficult.

According to the current US medical law, the more feasible way is to make the qualifying Chinese patients to the United States direct medical treatment to create a long island center, is to open up a global elderly to the United States medical treatment platform

Secondly, we look at American air quality and air quality in China

Air quality is related to human health and longevity, which is already recognized and repeated in the world Verification of the facts. The Chinese government is using serious method to solve the problem of air pollution and ecological protection, but the solution to this problem is long and gradual, cannot be achieved overnight. We strive to create high-quality air environment, to ensure that they enjoy their own years, longevity, is the responsibility of the Foundation's bounden duty. In the United States, especially the Long Island area, is an excellent place for the natural environment and excellent air quality, especially in the export area of No. 0 Base, one of the two most concentrated areas of the rich in the country. The government is in control of the population and business development there is extremely strict, absolutely not allow air pollution occurs. Area 0 Base natural ecological environment, but also for the living area where people breathe every day to breathe fresh air to create natural conditions. If you wait for air pollution problems to be resolved every day, in fact, adversely affected and hurt people's lives, rather than waiting for governance, it is better to let the US Foundation as soon as possible the development of the US pension base, so that the elderly and their predecessors moved early or longer to live in the air Perennial fresh base, so that they timely and long breath to the fresh air, so that their health and longevity really get an effective guarantee.

In addition, with the California pension center, Long Island quietly by sea, nursing homes and bustling Flushing center car only half an hour drive, with the world economic and financial center Manhattan only an hour's drive, and spend $ 5 billion is the expansion of LaGuardia International Airport is only a few minutes driver, and Kennedy Airport is just an hour's drive. In this way, by New York can take the train, take the bus, and take the plane to the United States and the depth of tourism around the world, fortified, very convenient. In particular, New York City and the north of Massachusetts, Boston, by the capital of the south of Washington, Philadelphia, Virginia, Atlanta and Maryland and Florida have many famous natural landscape and cultural landscape, there are many world-class hospitals and outstanding doctors, There are prestigious Harvard, MIT, Yale, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth  University and hundreds of cultural centers and world-class shopping centers, these natural and cultural resources to build the United States Comprehensive, three-dimensional, for the pension and health have a direct and indirect impact, which is to create a global symbol of the health care center, creating favorable conditions.

2Introduce the Internal Environment of the Nursing Home Base

1. Location and environment: located in Long Island northwest corner of the rich area, tentatively named 0 pension base.

Long Island is like a big fish, one with the sea, one holding the world financial center Manhattan, especially from the National Chinese Center Flushing, but 30 minutes by car. Long Island environment is quiet and elegant, suitable for living, good law and order, children learning, shopping, Music, fitness and fitness are very convenient, so has been rated as the United States most suitable for residential study and recuperation of the region, the United States served as a number of presidents and Song Meiling, Song Ziwen have long lived here, 0 base is located in Long Island north shore (See the map red dot), close to the bay, can be free from typhoon attacks, the New York area also no historical record of the earthquake disaster, so the 0 base suitable for the global staff, especially in the elderly, recuperation and leisure to eliminate the tension of the reliable rear surroundings.

(Red dot for map map area)

(No. 0 base entrance)

2.Area: 125 acres = 759 Mu (1 acres = 6.072 MU)

(No. 0 center sports club square)

(Golf Course)

(No. 0 walkway)

(Swimming Pool)


(Sports Club Corridor Lounge)

3.Since 1961, the site has been built with a large golf course and eight tennis courts, outdoor swimming pool health club.

4. The land is located in the rich area of the northern part of Long Island. It is said that the total assets of the residents and the other exporting residents account for nearly half of the US assets, showing the importance of the economic status of the region. Most of the place is green grass sports venues, there is a larger club, including large living room, two restaurants, bars, banquet hall, training hall. Has been absorbing building members of the club, every day is still in normal operation.

5. Those who are legally short and long-term in the United States have the right to participate in US health insurance. If they are members of a short- or long-term membership, who will pay a certain membership, the health and sanatorium can handle the US Of the staff of the short-term medical insurance, arrange a specific doctor for the patient treatment, so that can greatly reduce the cost of self-funded medical expenses.

5. Those who are legally short and long-term in the United States have the right to participate in US health insurance. If they are members of a short- or long-term membership, who will pay a certain membership, the health and sanatorium can handle the US Of the staff of the short-term medical insurance, arrange a specific doctor for the patient treatment, so that can greatly reduce the cost of self-funded medical expenses.

6. Because of the number 0 Base to New York's main doctor's clinic and the senior Manhattan Medical Center, but with 30 minutes to 60 minutes or so. Foundation medical service companies can arrange exclusive doctors to send medicine to the door, you can also make an appointment by the Foundation to send the patient directly to the clinic for treatment.

7. We set up the most comfortable, state-of-the-art care room at the 0 Pension Base and buy the best advanced physiotherapy equipment in the world, build the best testing labs and arrange the best professional caregivers. Making the No. 0 base has become the international staff of the most care of the base.

8. As a full set of complete design, we can also arrange the elderly living in the 0 nursing home, participate in golf, tennis, billiards, badminton, bowls, bowling, mahjong, bridge, swimming, yoga and a variety of fitness activities. And the opening of Chinese and Western restaurants, and banquets and performances, the weekend can also set up a car to send treatment and treatment of patients to go to the supermarket shopping, travel to the surrounding areas, so that the majority of patients to No. 0 sanatorium as a warm international family.

9. No.0 base can also become the world's old and friends and relatives rest and leisure base.

The town government of Long Island allowed No. 0 base to build 33 high-end villa-style sanatorium. We can design here into a combination of classical and modern, Chinese and Western combination of nursing homes.

10. In the nursing home, we can also build the work of senior staff, internal meetings and reception of foreign office facilities,

In addition, the construction of a nursing home in the northeastern United States can make it a base for integrated living, office, tourism, leisure, fitness, recreation and life, a comprehensive function, and a hot spring sanitation international center in the western United States and the eastern United States Of the health care center with each other to become the international health of the membership of the elderly members of the elderly more than a choice, more than a health pension base.

Third Part: Introduce the External Environment of the Nursing Home Base

Long Island and the world center of New York City, half an hour adjacent to the center of Queens, New York can reach the center of the Flushing area, an hour you can reach the heart of the New York metropolitan Manhattan area, where there are a variety of colorful world of civilization;

New York Museum

Rich museum culture New York large and small there are hundreds of various museums, the most important museum has ten;

1. Ellis Island-Immigration Museum

Located in Alice Island, New York Harbor, between 1892 and 1954, about 12 million passenger ships and third-class ships were taken from Alice Island. Migrants who enter the United States from New York's ports are required to undergo a legal medical examination on Alice Island. In 1990, the refurbished Alice Island became a museum dedicated to imparting the experience of those visitors

2. American Museum of Natural History

Here are the information you need to know to plan your trip to the Natural History Museum. Since its opening to the public in 1869, the museum has been growing and growing. In addition to the Planet Earth Environmental Science Center's Planetarium and the regular exhibition, the museum also hosts a series of new exhibitions for the cycle, so there are always new things to show to visitors.

3. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Guggenheim Museum is designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, with its spiral structure and unique museum experience and famous. Every year at the Guggenheim Museum, modern paintings, sculptures, and film works are on display

4. Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art houses more than 2 million pieces of art from all over the world in various historical periods. Here you can use a few years to study the museum's extensive collection, but even if there is only one afternoon visit time, a large number of exhibits in the exhibition will give you a deep impression.

5. New York Museum of Modern Art

Founded in 1929 by Timothy Hussley, as the first dedicated pure contemporary art museum, the Museum of Modern Art is dedicated to the impressive collection of works of modern art.

6. Poor House Museum

The museum can only be guided by the tour, visitors from the Lower East District Housing Museum can see the past immigrant accommodation.

7. Museum of the Moving Image

The American Mobile Image Museum focuses on film, television and digital media, and its impact on culture and society. Located in the queen of Astoria. There is a convenient subway near the museum, close to the New York Historical Society in Manhattan.

8. New York Historical Society Museum

On the west side of Central Park, on the 77th Street, the New York Historical Society is located here, providing visitors with the opportunity to visit the collection of New York history. These collections include Tiffany lamps, decorations, paintings and furniture.

9. Whitney Museum of American Art

Known as the 20th century American artworks of all the museums in the world, there are 12,000 paintings in Whitney's permanent collection, sculpture, prints, and pictures and photographs.

10. Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

This is the only one dedicated to the history and contemporary design exhibition of the American Museum. Visitors can explore the nature of the design and the impact of our design on our lives.

Financial Center

Including representative financial neighborhoods, copper bulls and the prestigious New York Stock Exchange

Medical center

New York's best five hospitals

1, New York Colombian and Cornell Presbyterian Hospital

New York Hospital was established in 1771, is a subsidiary hospital of Cornell University School of Medicine. The Presbyterian Hospital was established in 1868 and is an affiliated hospital of the Columbia University School of Medicine. January 1, 1998, New York Hospital and the Presbyterian Hospital, the formal merger of the composition of the New York - Presbyterian Hospital, the largest state in New York, the most complete subject of the hospital. Both hospitals have a long history before merging and are renowned in the New York metropolitan area. Has 14773 employees, 5083 doctors, 2224 beds. Treatment of more than 110,000 patients, 48264 cases of surgery. Outpatient 145 million people, emergency nearly 200,000 people, outpatient surgery 70280 cases.

2,NYU Langone Medical Center

The University of New York's Langery Medical Center is located in New York City and has a history of 167 years and is the premier biomedical study. Medical education and health care centers, New York University doctors and researchers contribute excellence in the practice of scientific treatment. The Center is home to the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases, the New York University Cancer Institute, the New York University Children's Center for Asian and Asian New York, and the New York University School of Medicine University Heart and Vascular Institute.

3,Mount Sinai Medical Center

The Mount Sinai Medical Center consists of Mount Sinai Hospital and Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Mount Sinai Hospital is one of the top teaching hospitals in the United States, and the strength of scientific research and teaching in Mount Sinai is also recognized internationally. October 2008 Mount Sinai Hospital and Central South University, Xiangya three hospitals to establish cooperative relations, joint research minimally invasive surgery (including minimally invasive surgery for type 2 diabetes) and tumor surgery new technology. Mount Sinai Hospital was founded in 1852, is one of the oldest and largest teaching hospitals in the United States. The hospital is known for its outstanding achievements in clinical treatment, teaching and research. At present, the hospital has 1,171 beds, more than 1,800 medical staff, to provide patients with clinical and hospital treatment. Mount Sinai Hospital has a number of key project research centers, including minimally invasive surgery research center, Cancer Research Center, gastrointestinal disease research center, heart disease research center, cardiovascular disease research center

Cancer Research Center provides a number of services:

1) Cancer treatment center - the center of the main service is outpatient patients, responsible for coordinating the diagnosis of patients, treatment and family placement services. Services include medical chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, bone marrow stem cell transplantation, adult and child clinical trials;

2) Cancer treatment - Mount Sinai Hospital is the most advanced in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and efficacy of the hospital, the hospital specialized physician team and superb medicine for breast cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, rectal cancer, liver cancer patients Provide a high level of service;

3) Clinical trials of cancer patients - clinical trials are methods of testing drugs, hospital patients for medical science has made a great contribution to each field, the hospital set up a special body to review all the clinical trials, review and approval;

4) Minimally invasive surgery research center, 90% of abdominal surgery through minimally invasive method to complete.

4,Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Memorial Sloan-Ketterlin Cancer Center (Memkel-Ketterlin Cancer Center, hereinafter referred to as Mskcc) is the world's oldest (127 years), the largest private cancer center, in 2010 "American News and World Report" ranked second in the US cancer specialist hospital. The center is longer than the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, the center of the number of breast cancer patients accounted for the first of the US hospitals, the breast-conserving surgery is also the first in the nation, gynecological tumors are also very strong. The hospital in the lung cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer and other fields are also international leader

5,Hospital for Special Surgery

American Special Surgery Hospital (HSS) is the nation's No. 1 orthopedic specialist hospital, founded in 1863, the current annual completion of more than 25,000 cases of orthopedic surgery. HSS is also the United States to complete the hip, knee surgery most hospitals, the number of cases of articular replacement more than 8000 cases, advanced concepts, clinical experience.

University of NY

State University of New York

New York State University is a university system in New York, USA, consisting of many universities, not an independent university. New York State University was first established in 1816 in Potsdam, New York, with the establishment of various state universities, until 1948, the New York State University system tends to improve, and now the university system consists of 64 colleges.

The State University of New York is the world's largest higher education system and the largest and most comprehensive state university education system in the United States. At present, the State University of New York has a total of 64 schools, with nearly 470,000 students in school, can provide students with various types of educational opportunities. The proportion of international students accounted for 7.7% of the total number of students, the school system has more than 80,000 faculty, 74% of the course by full-time teachers coaching. From 1949 to the present, SUNY graduates have been close to 3 million. In addition, the school has created one of the nation's largest distance education programs, offering 4,000 courses and 60 degree and certificate programs, with 70,000 students receiving distance learning from the school.

New York University

New York University is a research-based private university in Manhattan, New York. The main campus is located in the vicinity of Manhattan's Greenwich Village, centered on Washington Square. The school was established in 1831, today has become the nation's largest private non-profit higher education institutions, in all kinds of university rankings are among the top spear. New York University currently has 33 Nobel Prize winners (see the Nobel Prize winner in 2006), three Abel prizes, nine National Medalists, 16 Pulitzer Prize winners, 19 Oscar Gold Award winner (the largest in the nation). In addition, there are more than Emmy Award, Tony Award, MacArthur Award, Guggenheim Award winner.

Columbia University

Columbia University is a world-famous private research university in Manhattan, New York, founded in 1754 under the King's Charter issued by King George II of the United Kingdom. Originally known as King's College, officially renamed Columbia University in 1896 (1784 -1896 for the Columbia College) and moved to the current Morningside Heights campus, belonging to the Ivy League school, is a founding member of the American Association of Universities. Columbia is one of the top five universities in the history of the United States, a total of 98 Nobel Prize winners, ranking second in the world. Columbia campus also out of five US founding fathers, Obama, Roosevelt and other four US presidents, and 34 heads of state, heads, 10 US Supreme Court Justice. Columbia University has a world-class law school, business school, medical school, journalism, etc., its news academy awarded Pulitzer Prize (Pulitzer Prize) is the highest honor of the US press. In 1767 Columbia University awarded the first doctorate in medicine, which is the history of the United States the first professional doctorate. Columbia University is one of the most important research institutions in the United States, the first in North America to achieve the nuclear fission - Manhattan plan birthplace.

Shopping Center

Time Square

Times Square, also known as "the world's crossroads", is a block of New York City Manhattan, the center is located in the West 42 Street and Broadway intersection. Times Square near the gathering of nearly 40 shopping malls and theaters, is a prosperous entertainment and shopping center. It is also the only area in the city of New York that requires owners to hang a brisk version.

35 Street Macy’s

Fifth Avenue shopping district

Fifth Avenue to buy the world know New York's 5th Avenue, filled with famous brand shops, steady flow of people, his fame, is specialized in selling high-end luxury known. Area


SOHO is unique in that it is neither New York Fifth Avenue as tall buildings towers, famous shops gathered to high-quality, high-priced reputation of the business district, nor is it known as the musical Broadway and Times Square area, not about The world financial lifeline of the financial district, nor is it a lot of sponsorship in the high above the museum area. It is not art district, art is everywhere. It is the full integration of business and art of the region, is full of personality, has a profound cultural connotation of the business district, is synonymous with fashion. Where each of the businesses are resorted to the whole body of the number of products show their own personality and artistic taste, even those international brands of clothing stores have to cater to this atmosphere, specifically for the region to design specialized clothing store.

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

Woodbury is located in the United States New York State Central Valley, 1 hour north of New York City, is the largest integrated shopping malls in the East, perennial attracting local residents and consumers from around the world. There are more than 220 stores, the brand is complete, in particular, there are many in other places rarely appear in the European line big, more famous Gucci, Dior, Burberry, Versace, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, MaxMara, Giorgio Armani and Ugg. Many people have come here to know that the original brand also has a factory shop. In addition there are many second-tier brands, such as CK, Tommy, Coach, etc., too numerous, factory shops offer 25% to 65% discount.

Trger Outlets Rehead

The trger supermarket is also a comprehensive brand supermarket located in Long Island, with more than 100 brand-name goods around the world.

Flushing Center

Flushing is the most prosperous New York Queens business center, but also the most concentrated Chinese American living place, there are five hundred thousand Chinese people living in this year, the mobile population is considerable. Chinese medical center, the Chinese variety of shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, dense, dotted in the United States formed a colorful Chinese food culture, religious culture, antique culture, tourism culture Kui Bao. At the same time, the Flushing Center is close to the address of the Long Island Nursing Home and is the ideal venue for the nursing home to carry out various activities.

New York tourist destination.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls generally refers to Niagara Falls (Canada and the United States at the junction of transnational waterfalls)

Niagara Falls is located at the junction of Ontario, Canada and New York State. The source of the waterfall is the Niagara River. The main waterfall is located in Canada and is the best place for waterfalls. The waterfall in the United States is separated by the Moon Island and is the side of the waterfall. At the same time, the waterfall is also the world's largest multinational waterfall.

Niagara River flows down the cliff to the next re-confluence, in less than 2 km long river to 35.4 km per hour speed down 15.8 meters of the gap, the interpretation of the world's most wild whirlpool, after the left bank of Canada Of Queenson, on the right bank of Leicester, United States, crossed the "Devil Cave Rapids", along the final "Levison Tribune Canyon" from west to east into Lake Ontario.


New York Midwest Five-pointed lake group is composed of a group of lakes, long and short, the composition of the glacier lake, the shape of the fingers, but also translated finger lake or five fingers lake, but here the lake is more than five.

The lake flows from south to north and into Lake Ontario. The name of the lake is the Indian language. In fact, the five fingers Lake area includes a total of 11 lakes, the smallest area of only 2.6 square kilometers, the largest one is for 175.4 square kilometers.

In Long Island construction and development of nursing homes can be directly indirect radiation to New York's economic and cultural, tourism shopping and medical care, and thus affect the cause of health care, so that people around the world are willing to vacation, recuperation and health, so that their life flies more abundant Colorful and more meaningful

4Developing Plan

According to the provisions of the town government, nursing homes can retain the original training venues, you can build 35 broad villa type or low-level health base and internal service agencies.

The preliminary planning recommendations of the Foundation are as follows:

1, specific plan

1) 359 acres, the construction of 10 comfortable and luxurious three - storey villa sanatorium, each villa covers an area of 3 acres, build 10 covers an area of 30 acres of land. As well as each villa separated by a total of about 35 acres of aisle about 35 acres.

2) 200 acres to refurbish the original renovation of the original golf, tennis, swimming and membership club.

3) 100 acres of building villa management office, restaurant, clinic, security room, electronic monitoring room, parking (yacht) field, garage and other office area land

4) 100 acres, the construction of large fences, in the fence, small fence and the size of the road and isolation area

2.The Construction of Health Car Villa

According to our design, the construction of a large base will be more than a century to have a hundred years, the design will be of the old-age villa is five-star, the goal should be:

"The safest, cleanest, most chic, the most comfortable, the most advanced" to "five most" target

First, the most secure- anti-theft, anti-terrorism, fire, anti-gas leak, radiation, anti-earthquake, anti-tsunami, anti-gas

1) In order to prevent theft, will establish a three-tier infrared power grid throughout the base, so that 24-hour electronic automatic monitoring, electronic automatic alarm and manual monitoring mechanism.

At the last door and the main window on the electronic fingerprint, Facebook recognition device. Do not allow people to enter without any chance to enter the villa inside.

2) In order to prevent fear, in the villa will be installed bomb glass. The top glass of the villa should also be fitted with bulletproof glass.

In order to prevent the terrorist attacks in the air, will build a villa radar system, 24 hours a day to monitor the terrorist attacks from the air, and do 20 minutes ahead of time to alert and start the advance prevention mechanism.

3) Fire, to prepare and install accurate fire equipment and equipment to ensure that any prone to fire signs occur, once the accident may be timely cut off the fire first human life safety, and try to ensure that the property is not or less affected by the loss The

4) Anti-gas leak, mainly to prevent gas leakage caused by people breathing difficulties or suffocation risk, but also to prevent gas explosion, the life of the crisis and property losses.

5) Radiation: A) is mainly to prevent the wall paint stupid (C6H6) exceeded

B) Avoid the use of energy-saving lamps (8 V within the energy-saving lamps, within 6 meters show more than the safety value of more than 1600 volts per meter) with nuclear radiation.

C) The windows will be used outside as black or dark green, Mexican blue, inside to look white;

D) Foreign natural marble also has considerable radiation, ask me to strictly choose building stone;

E) The choice of floor to pay special attention to the release of formaldehyde content standards, strict family control of air formaldehyde release content for the impact of household health.

F) At the same time in the design of the basement, arrangements to prevent the radiation against the special space.

5) Earthquake resistance: Although there is no seismic record in Long Island, but in order to prevent the possible occurrence of earthquakes, will be in the foundation and design, fully consider the factors of the earthquake, so that the building can prevent the eight earthquake building design.

6) Anti-tsunami: In order to prevent the occurrence of the tsunami, mainly the villa's first layer of infrastructure in the ground above the height of 2-3 feet, and through the construction of the first level will be established.

7) In case of power outages, water problems, it will affect the safety of the villa area, so in the design, must be in advance to prevent, one way to buy the German Siemens generator, you can temporarily generate electricity and the machine, and the machine turned silent noise. Way two, the design of small solar generators. In order to prevent water, it is recommended to dig groundwater in the base #, or to establish a base water tower for long-term reserves of water and filtration equipment.

8) Anti-gas: first in the 0 base and each villa to establish air quality testing equipment, once the standard will be able to timely alarm, for the external terrorists suddenly hit the gas bombs released by the gas, on the one hand to prepare The gas mask and clothes, may be on the one hand the elderly and women and children in a timely manner through automatic devices will be transferred to the radiation of the safe house to ensure that no or less toxic gas hazards.

SecondThe most clean

Long Island No. 0 base in a beautiful natural environment, less quiet areas of personnel, air quality for several years under the dust is less than 2.5 per cubic meter level, but how to keep the indoor clean, is still a very important task of building villas.

1) In order to maintain clean energy, the main objective is to keep the continuous flow of indoor air, should be the use of the current indoor flow of new equipment, and put this equipment into the design plan in advance;

2) Reduce the use of cooking gas, the impact of indoor air mainly from cooking, cooking gas, reduce the use of gas, or the kitchen and the hall is our important goal.

3) Wall, furniture, paint to go through rigorous testing to ensure that the gas can not be spread indoors

4) Heating and cooling to ensure energy cleanliness

5) The bedroom is an important space for ensuring clean air, and must be developed to speed up the development and use of absolute safety.

6) Toilet odor emissions are also necessary, the need to buy advanced toilet odor automatic discharge equipment excluded.

7) The living crowd through the dirty clothes placed to have a special treatment.

Indoor air quality, living in the respiratory system is very influential, the current Chinese cancer cases, lung cancer has risen to the first of all cancer, for health and longevity needs, clean must be placed in an important position.

8) Garbage disposal should be timely, to prevent the spread of bacteria and rot gas.

Thirdmost advanced

1) To learn Bill Gates' house design, customers simply press the button, the walls of the fresco can be changed at any time

2) The room temperature and light can be adjusted automatically, using a high-tech sensing system to allow guests to monitor the indoor environment and lighting, when guests visit, they will get a room with the sensor to interact with small devices. Guests can enter their favorite temperature and lighting, and when they walk around the house, the temperature and lighting will automatically change.

3) Regardless of the room where the guests go, the music will follow, hidden in the wallpaper behind the multi-angle, multi-frequency, multi-style speakers, can give you a suitable warm choice.

4) Hall and bedroom lamps, including chandeliers, wall lamps, table lamps, bedside lights light color, intensity, light exposure range, can have a variety of options, with the villa owner needs to be able to adjust and change the human nature.

5) Three-story and two-story elevator design can be handled remotely

6) For the villagers on the old age, physical inconvenience, as well as pregnant women and children, the design of home robots, the main solution in the absence of specialized staff care, you can promptly eat and drink, walk on the toilet problem.

7) To establish a 24-hour alarm system, when the villa sudden situation, you can notify the villagers anytime, anywhere the security personnel and the local emergency ambulance departments, fire departments, power supply air supply department, fire department, electric water pipe maintenance department, To deal with.

Fourth most comfortable

1) Offer the most comfortable bed, sofa, single sofa, seat, and desk, dining table. The goal is humane, you can adjust the angle, so that the most suitable, the most warm.

2) Designed to provide the most suitable sauna, steam bath, and a double bath with massage effect, so that the villa residents have the best health conditions

3) Choosing the best double curtains, so that both winter and summer can be used, not only can moisturizing, you can also keep the night sleep quiet

4) In addition to nursing home staff can provide food and beverage services, but also for the villa staff to provide specialized catering master, once the telephone appointment, special master can provide 24 hours catering service.

5) Nursing home arrangements for the company health nutrition Commissioner, a month to a villa to understand and promote health knowledge, and according to the situation of different people, for a variety of people to provide advisory services.

6) According to the requirements of the occupants and their families every month, arrange a special doctor to 0 to guard the villa owner and relatives.

7) Special circumstances, by the base staff to arrange car and special staff to accompany patients to see a doctor

8) Villa can not solve the need to help the problem, you can 24 hours to inform the service company, appoint someone to help solve.

9) Nursing home arrangements for specialized personnel to provide customers with purchase services, there is a special need for help, the service staff can help to buy, or accompanied by the purchase.

10) Every spring, summer and winter, service staff arrange villa staff to travel to the United States or around the world.

Fifth. The most chic

Mainly with the most modern design, the Western architectural style and modern development trend

Together, to design the best architectural style, the most luxurious architectural style.

Because China's base construction has been sufficient to reflect the construction of China's style in the United States.Construction of the rear base, should reflect the Western architectural style.

1) The following is a typical style of Western villa construction

1) Here are the typical styles of French and Italian style of Western villa construction


Mediterranean style

2) Housing external construction style

3) external and internal swimming pool style

4) internal structure

5) No. 0 Florida winter living base seaside and house pattern (another place of activity for winter nursing home in northern California and Long Island)

Design style of the high-end, mid-range and low-grade different style villas

2.Renovate the existing golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool, and re-build and build indoor tennis courts, swimming pool, badminton hall, billiard hall, table tennis hall, bowling alley and mahjong hall and yoga The

In the original two restaurants on the basis of the construction of Western restaurants and restaurants, bars and re-decoration banquet hall. Estimated to cover an area of 300 acres

3. Open health science sleep environment

One-third of a person's life is spent in sleep, sleep quality determines the quality of life and human longevity life.

What we have taken is to develop more ergonomic bedding supplies. The product through the bed frame, row skeleton, mattress, pillow and bedding dispersion pressure, prior to the entire system tailored, human care, comfort and taste of the perfect combination of 0 base staff to provide a new unprecedented comfortable sleep.

We plan to invite the prestigious company of De Rucci to complete this design. Derucci and the world-renowned Swiss DOC, Belgian Artikat, RAKO, Germany's Otten, Italy Figino bedding SR L and Landboney Tonio Lamborghini is a long-term partner, stores around the world more than 2,200 stores and provide personalized service.

4.To achieve intelligent operation

At present, 0 base design, we need to design a scientific family intelligent integrated control system,

The control system includes:

Room Facilities:

From the global climate change in different needs to meet the needs of life, the establishment of 0 winter Florida waterfront living base.

We should be soberly aware that global climate change is becoming less and less normal and that there is no law, elusive, and has become the new norm of global climate. Although the United Nations and governments are trying to deal with, but in a short time, it is still impossible to fundamentally solve the problem. The base of the great health must face this serious subject, from the future, from the reality, early calm response, Florida summer long, very mild winter Year average temperature of 19 degrees Celsius, the average annual rainfall of 128 to 66 cm between the hurricane is quite rare. Florida is located in the southern United States, the air is very fresh, the population is far less than China's Hainan Island, very suitable for the elderly winter life, to avoid the elderly winter and spring disease high incidence of their injuries, good for health and longevity. Therefore, starting from the comprehensive development needs of the four seasons, should buy the beaches of Florida and the purchase or construction of five to ten villas. Become a winter living base for California and Long Island 0, so that all families, all the elderly, women and children of health and life in the four seasons to adapt to change, especially in response to the current and future global climate more and more abnormal changes in balance. This is every smart big stranger can not be avoided, need to solve the serious problem ahead.

5. Construction of internal service agencies, will ensure that hard targets and ensure that soft indicators, organic combination

We always think that if the construction of a hard environment 0 is only designed to complete the half, in order to build a good 0 base , must be strengthened in the soft environment on the 0 base building.

The so-called soft environment, is to the quality of human services, so that the most enthusiastic, most attentive, most thoughtful, the most advanced, so that living in the villa of the various families and the owner not only has a safe and comfortable feeling experience, and there is a A warm life experience.

The so-called soft environment, the most important thing is from the human nature, all for the needs of people, to meet people's needs, to improve the level of human needs, to guide people's needs to higher, better and healthier direction.

1) From the different needs of the people, the villa outside the decoration and interior decoration should be in advance to seek villa owner interest, preferences and needs to start. And finally make a different design. For example, different people for the living room, bathroom, bathtub, kitchen, refrigerator requirements are different, as far as possible from the personal situation to make the villa master satisfaction with the design.

2) To build a special agency for the villagers to work together with the construction of a physiotherapy center, rehabilitation center (three beds), medical reagents testing center and instrument testing center, and supporting the construction of a bath center and massage, beauty, nail health center.

3) The nursing home will be equipped with specialized nutrition and health specialists, weekly, monthly home service, direct understanding of villa health, diet, sleep, living habits, and make specific recommendations, once the villagers need, the health adviser will arrange service.

4) The service center will hire a special chef to provide catering services. In addition to the cafeteria's regular food service, the special chef can provide 24 hours a day to provide a la carte service for the villa owner and can come to the house in time. Family, providing family dinner, pregnant women, patients, elderly and children of Chinese and Western food service.

5) Nursing homes can provide daily necessities and non-staple food procurement services.

6) Nursing homes will build a "nutrition supermarket" for the villa to provide body nutrition food services. For example, can provide the world's nutritious food, but also to provide the company's hired experts to develop their own "4: 1 blueberry biscuits" "6: 1 wolfberry biscuits" and so on, can provide villagers random selection of nutrition and daily necessities.

7) Nursing homes to provide car and driver, for villas to provide shuttle, procurement, tourism and hospitality services.

8) To help choose villagers to see a doctor medical treatment, accompanied by translation, or contact the doctor to the villa to see a doctor, can be responsible for the base staff.

9) Nursing home to provide 24-hour security services, once the villa special circumstances, the villa can also inform the base attendant and the surrounding police, to provide specific services.

10) The company is ready to take care of the nursing home, long car, very fast, or 30 minutes to reach Long Island Airport, or 40 minutes to reach La Guardia International Airport can be for the elderly to provide shelter for the elderly, Water and air short distance or long distance and even to any international emergency or other services.

Nursing home car

Nursing yacht yard

Nursing home long car (2015 Lincoln and Cadillac)

11)Nursing home service center, you can also provide garden, flower room, swimming pool, goldfish tank, fountain maintenance, electric water heater maintenance, sports center and other service work. Specially engaged in Chinese and Western special cook for all staff to provide general and special production services, this will build an area of 100 acres of service center. And the corresponding construction of the general staff of ten sets of housing, so that all service personnel live and work, and wholeheartedly for the villa to provide a full range of soft services

In summary, the entire nursing home construction attempt to achieve "five breakthrough"

1. To provide the safest, most comfortable and most intimate of today's world "unique" villa group software and hardware environment design, construction and full-service

2. To provide the world's most advanced, ahead of the first-class high-tech services, which can withstand the test of time and history

3. To provide the best human services, based on a full range of "personal customization" services

4. Can withstand all the "if" test, design and construction ahead

And foolproof full practical preparation

5. Becoming the most advanced villa group, will be later known as the world's classic villa group.

"Uniquate", "advanced", "inpidual" ,"million" and "classic" will be the livelihood of the No. 0 nursing home in the world of hardware and software in the history of the construction of the five largest breakthrough.

5About construction planning

1, construction planning

It is estimated that the first is the overall planning, including three major parts: nursing home construction, internal service agencies and health club two blocks project.

Villa construction According to the villa style, quality requirements and customer needs, construction costs will be different,

2 implementation of specific steps:

1) Specifically to the town government to understand the use of land requirements, land tax and construction approval procedures

2) Ask lawyers and quality teachers to understand the land area, land quality.

3) Investigate the land and the surroundings and understand the requirements of the local architects

4) Review the plan, determine the main idea of design planning

5) Outline the design, deduce the sand table

6) To decide the designer (can seek two to three housing design company and two to three interior decoration and special high-tech companies), and complete the government building approval procedures.

7) Find the developer, set the completion timetable

8) Construction of nursing homes in three phases

9) Design decoration sports venues

Design and Construction Service Center

11) After the outside is built, proceed with interior decoration

12) Design for six months, all the works completed in two and a half years.

In summary, the construction of love night center and the United States Foundation cooperation in Long Island International Health and nursing homes, so that the eastern United States, western and southern pension health business, integration, and the formation of a comprehensive pension and supporting international projects, which will Improve and enhance the level of civilization and health of the world, make an important contribution.

We deeply appreciate: the two countries of the health care career in the layout of globalization, has a pivotal position;

First, compared with the rest of the world, in these two countries to carry out tourism health care career, the safest and most peace of mind.

Second, in both China and the United States, the most complete laws and regulations, such as in the United States visitors and vacation personnel, to meet certain conditions, can apply for medical insurance, disease, regardless of nationality, whether rich or not , Can be timely treatment without prior payment of medical expenses.

Third, the United States and China are vast land, things in the north and south are Mingchuan mountains, rich and colorful landscape, is the world's most dream of the old-age pension pension holy land.

Fourth, so far, compared with China, the air quality of the United States is more quality, and high-quality air, filled with a large number of negative ions, which for human health, prolong life, has a vital significance in the United States Pension, you can exposure to the elderly feast for the eyes, the spirit of pleasure, promote physical and mental health and longevity of the environment.

Fifth, the diet for the great impact on longevity, the use of the Fund owned by the United States and advanced agriculture, can develop pollution-free, self-breeding vegetables and fruits, seafood and poultry and poultry cattle and sheep industry, the use of the Foundation Of the new century group to develop their own soybean, corn, oats, buckwheat and other whole grains breeding industry, planting pollution-free fruits and vegetables, is conducive to improving the health of nursing staff value.

Sixth, the nutrition of the United States is very developed, nutrition research is rich, we have a wide range of contacts with the American National Nutrition Committee, you can arrange nutrition college people to nursing homes to study, which can be part of the elderly university courses, this It enriches the connotation of the nursing home for the elderly.

Seventh, the world's many hot springs, but the use of California's rich hot springs, as a resort resource, and as a holiday and medical hot spring water to be transformed, the formation of various forms of hot springs, the treatment of various diseases of the hot spring rehabilitation, Second to none, it is bound to be the global first hot spring resort and old - age holy land.

Eighth, the California nursing home is far from the central city, and Long Island nursing home from the center of the center and the Manhattan near the center of Manhattan, with the California subsidiary center, the three complement each other, the formation of winter and summer, the four seasons of the holiday health nursing homes, To achieve tourism support, hot spring training, training, learning, health care and diet nutrition six purpose, so you can become a global model of global health pension.

Ninth, China and the United States and more countries in the world more places, the formation of a global chain-type, membership-based business, can promote better interaction between the world personnel and exchanges, but also to maximize the use of the world's health resources, to improve the health of the quality of the purpose of the elderly.

The population is aging, and it is an irreversible trend. In 2015, more than 10% of the world's population is over 60 years old and over 7% of the 65-year-olds. But by 2050, the world's population will reach 6 billion people. The elderly population will reach 2 billion, accounting for up to one-third. Facing this serious global issue, we need to loving Late center and the United States Development Foundation , solidarity and cooperation, vision, practice, take the lead in practice, to create a health pension, unprecedented new situation, in the global long-term layout and operation, do out of a worthy of the times, deserved future generations outstanding contributions.

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