Board & Structure

1Board Members

Chairman: Nicole Wang

——Ph.D, Senior diplomat, has long been engaged in international financial and economic and trade cooperation and charity, Also has been engaging pension, health and rehabilitation. Has an international prestige

Executive Vice Chairman : Jian S. Liu

——Senior diplomat, has long been engaged in international financial and economic co-operation and legal affairs, has a wealth of organizational world experience.

Vice Chairman: Charley S Fei

——International financial expert, wrote many books and articles, in the Phoenix TV and the US Chinese television station was repeatedly interviewed, has a wealth of organization and work experience.

Vice Chairman:Jose Maria:

——Spanish royal family members, Jazz, international financial experts, long-term adherence to friendly president of the Olympic Games Samaranch on China's Beijing Olympic Games to host the right to give great support.

Vice Chairman:Richard J. Freer, Columbia Doctor, Bioscience expert

Vice chairman :Arroyo Vega Teodulo:

——International Financial Experts, Licensed Traders

Secretary –General: Charley S. Fei

Deputy Secretary- General : Zikuo Zhang, Fujian Association of United States branch of the person in change, under the jurisdiction of 600,000 members.

Deputy Secretary-General: Mike Wang, Ph.D, Chairman of New Century Granary Group

2Key Member of the Foundation

1) Dr. Hu Jue, Ph.D Biological expert, seedless golden melon research and development of the father.

2) Do Fei:US Columbia Doctor of computer expert

3) Richard J. Freer: Dr. Columbia University, Biology expert

4) Ding Fei: Doctor of Biongineering, University of Pennsylvania, USA

5) Dongcheng Peng: US computer expert

6) Zhongjia Pang: Professor, researcher , wrote many book of finance

7) Yiicheng Wang: Microbiology expert

8) Alex Wag: Ph.D of Engineering

9) Myle Chen: Chairman of Vietnam Beauty Co., Let

10) Michael Wang: General Manager of New Century Granary Group and Kodai Lord Enterprise, Inc.

11) Jainwu Ma: Northeast Asia CEO

12) Anni Liu: Senior Representative of the Foundation in France

13) Xunhua Zhang: Visitor of Harvard Medical School , China’s non-material heritage heir, well-known Chinese Zhang Sanfeng medical 12th generation heir, natural therapy experts

14) Xiejing Ma; One of China top ten outstanding women enterepreneurs

15) William Boss-Financial Consultant of New York Stock Exchange

16) Christopher Dan-Financial Consultant of New York Stock Exchange

17) Tomson Rowton-Financial Consultant of New York Stock Exchange

18) Jordan Swiss- Financial Consultant of Euronex

19) Hectare Feeman-Financial Consultant of Euronex

20) Long Xiang-Financial Consultant of Euronex

21) Roger Kuo, Foundation Representative in Beijing

22) Shqing Xu: Representative of Foundation in Shangdong, China

23) Yuanrong Wang : Senior Consultant, international diplomat


1) Mery Ge: responsible for the daily work of the Foundation.

2) Chao Feng :responsible for outreach.

3) Man Zhang: responsible for outreach.

4) Jia Zhang: responsible for project development.

5) Cronopvlos John. F proficient in Chinese and American culture and language, public relations.

4Foundation Affiliates and Assets

1) California International Health Care Center (the Foundation itself has five thousand acres, equal to 5000X6.072 = 30,360 Mu) , including the United States is extremely valuable two hot springs, ski resort and natural hunting grounds.

2) California organic crop development base (the foundation has 10,000 acres of land is equal to 60,000 720 Mu)

3) Wall Street Institute (registered in New York State in 2000, training of financial and other technical personnel)

4) American talent encouragement Institute (2006 New York registration, training of professional and technical personnel)

5) American Institute of Bioengineering (2001 in Virginia registered in health and longevity of biological science research and development)

6) The United States for the limited. (operating crop protection production and sales)

7) US Vietnam Beauty Co., Ltd. (operating a variety of pesticide fertilizer products)

8) Ultimate logistics company (operating global logistics services)

9) Panama Cologne Free Trade Zone Wanda International Investment Group (developed Panama National Sea sand, handled by the US quota)

10) US New Century Granary Group (operating crop cultivation. Acquisition. Sales and international trade)

11) US million new international community and economic research institute (registered in the United States in 2008)

13) The Foundation is designing and developing 500 acres, 759 Mu of New York Long Island Health and Pension Center.

5Foundation Cooperation Unit

1) China Northern Group Company

2) Russian Federation Presidential Project Committee

3) Russian New Siberian City Government Project Development Committee

4) A & A Express INC (US Real Estate Agency)

5) E & E Express INC (US Real Estate Agency)

6) Five Star Estate Realty Inc. (US Real Estate Agency)

6Foundation Communicates with the Organizations

1) Sina-American Friendship Association

2) National US-China People Freedship Association

3) American Geriatrics Research Foundation

By the United States Rockefeller Foundation was established in 1914

4) American Chinese AIDS Association

5) American Traditional Chinese Medicine Association

6) American Foundation of Chinese Medicine

7) National National Health Foundation (NSF) (National Stanitation Foundation 1944)

8) American Change Association NYC (US Real Estate Agency)

9) American Houyu Association nc. (New York Real Estate Agency)

10) American Fu Jian Association Inc (New York Real Estate Agency)

11) American Fu Jian Hou Yu Association Inc (US Real Estate Agency)

12) American Xiang Yu Association Inc (US Real Estate Agency)

13) American Women 's Federation

14) the United States new Fuzhou old people will

16) American Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Fujian

17) American Travel Service Business Association

18) US Fujian long music after the association

19) United States Fuzhou Zeli Friendship

20) Chinese - American Friendship Association

21) American Federation of Old People in Fujian

22) American Women 's Friendship Association

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